Sara Colohan interviewed by Electro Swing Blog

Burlesque Swing Interview : Sara Colohan, The Tassel Club

As part of the launch of the new Bart&Baker CD BURLESQUE SWING to be released June 16th 2011, we’ll publish every day until the release a quick interview on personnalities from the Burlesque World discussing their music taste and their view on the relationship between the two arts. Today, Sara Colohan, Irish beauty and most of all Burlesque events organizer in London and abroad !

1/ Can you quickly introduce yourself ?
My name is Sara Colohan, producer and host of The Tassel Club – London’s longest running cabaret show
2/ What makes Burlesque & Swing  such a winning team ?
Burlesque evolves and reinvents itself every time it enjoys a revival and swing music always pushes boundaries too
3/ How do you normally choose tracks for your shows ?
I help all our singers and some of our dance acts to choose their music. We borrow from all eras like from my favourite film Cabaret, Charleston music sourced from the 20’s and occasionally something modern works too – like an electro swing remix of something vintage.
4/ Any favorite songs / artists you’de like to share with us ?
I think the most beautiful piece for a fan dance is Henry Mancini’s Lujon – otherwise know as the dream sequence from The Big Lebowski – I still have to match it with a performer.

5/ Finding you on Internet ?