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Check out Czechia (formally Czech Republic) Published in The Mail, May 2024

Check out Czechia! Experience the magic of Czechia, where the captivating allure of Prague is just be the beginning. Explore castles and cathedrals beyond the bustling streets of the capital and uncover the hidden treasures of this enchanting country.  The Czech Republic has a new-ish name: Czechia, but most of the residents are still getting used to the change. Like so many countries around the world, the Czech countryside gets overshadowed by its glamours, historic capital city, Prague. Full of gothic wonders, riverside attractions, art deco hotels, and many great restaurants, it’s easy to get lost in Prague and forget about other areas of this fascinating country. I based my journey from Prague and struck gold by choosing Almanac X Alcron Hotel , where the Art Deco opulence meets the contemporary luxury of the Almanac group. The building is art deco splendour, with the recent multi million makeover gives it a lavish elegance and a contemporary feel. The rooms are stylish, and the or

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