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Previous Styling/production Shoots Capetown

Fashion Locations: CAPETOWN

I love my job - I travel to sunny climates, shoot fashion stories, write travel articles and enjoy every day of my trip away! I like to be kept busy and l am one of those people who actually likes working holidays.
Dont let anyone tell you shoots aren't fun to work on - they're hard work, no doubt, but they are also full of amazing experience and always worth it! Its great to meet fashion crews from around the world - work with skilled make up artists and photographers and stunning world class models. Capetown, Israel, London all have stunning models locations and great crews. My next venture is to Argentina - Buenos Aires. I leave March 12th from Dublin Ireland and go for 3 weeks to shoot a selection of swimwear for Irish publications.

Here are some previous shoots:
Often, I've found myself in tricky situations, just to get a cool shot -
Check out this shoot where we took on some rather cross giraffe for our perfect sarari shot! Here are a few behin…