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Sara Colohan writes about David Armand: Silent Not Deadly… —

Sara Colohan writes
David Armand: Silent Not Deadly… 27 March 2013 | Sara Colohan | InterviewsLondon Life

David Armand isn’t exactly a house hold name, but show people a clip of his seriously funny mimes to contemporary songs and they instantly recognise him, and more often than not, instantly love him. Along with appearing in some of our favourite TV shows, April will see him perform at the Leicester Square Theatre as one of the headline acts for international cabaret show Cirque du Cabaret. London Calling’s Sara Colohan asked him a few questions about his interesting career path!

LC: I have a feeling you’d prefer this to be a silent interview – ok if we ask you a few questions?
DA: That's fine, but my voice will have to be spoken by an actor. I'll see if Alan Rickman is available.

LC: Most people know you from the telly Fast and Loose, How Not To Live Your Life and Peep Show – but you are also a cabaret performer and a rather ‘serious’ actor…

Scroobius Pip written by Sara Colohan for

Scroobius Pip: Keeping Himself Busy 21 March 2013 | Sara Colohan |EntertainmentLondon Life
Scroobius Pip is a Beat Poet, eclectic DJ and possibly the only man to sell his beard on E-Bay His new Friday night DJ residency at The Book Club is a melting pot of musical diversity. A night listening to Spoken Word (a form of literary art, where lyrics, poems and stories are spoken rather than sung or written) can strike the fear of God into many of us, conjuring images of being trapped in a basement surrounded by chin stroking beatniks in nylon polo-neck jumpers. Cult poet John Cooper Clark came to the rescue of the genre in the 70’s and indeed still flies the cool flag for Spoken Word today. Seen as pioneering he was hailed as a genius Punk Poetas he braved the rough unchartered punk scene, reciting breakneck speed original poetry to what was often a hostile audience. He eventually won them over, creating an unprecedented cult status for Spoken Word poetry in the UK and worldwide. Since Jo…