Movember Gala Party London 2012 :Photos

My first Movember experience - uk.movember.com Just too fantastic for words so thank god I  managed to get a few photos... despite having some serious focusing issues (er not just the camera's fault!)
I described the night as a cross between a Legue of Gentlemen sketch and some kind of porn heaven - everywhere you look there are sexy moustasches.... mmmmmmm.. movember....
Thanks to everyone (especially Dave) for a unique night out - if anyone wants high res images just PM me on info@saracolohan.com


Sara Colohan for London Calling: Flying Lotus comes to London Nov 16

Flying Lotus - “... redefines what can be done with electronic music.” – Dazed

Flying Lotus - “... redefines what can be done with electronic music.” – DazedIndependent London promotion collective Soundcrash bring back one of their favourite artists, Flying Lotus for one of the most highly anticipated electronic music shows of 2012. He will perform music from his long-awaited fourth studio album “Until the Quiet Comes”, live at The Troxy on Friday 16 November.

When Sheffield’s finest Warp Records signed LA artist Flying Lotus in 2007, what followed for many music lovers and loyal Warp devotees, was a melodious love affair with an ever evolving, genre eluding, gifted artist. Described by BBC Music as “The king of his domain”, Flying Lotus released his celebrated first album 1983 in 2006. Los Angeles (2008) was followed by the hugely acclaimed Cosmogramma in 2010 and finally, this month saw the release of his fourth studio album Until the Quiet Comes.
Flying Lotus is 28 year old Steven Ellison, a world-wide respected experimental musician specialising in a fusion of electro, jazz and hip hop. His work is so full of contradictions, unexpected jolts of energy and transposing ambient lulls that it’s hard to describe it without indulging in a little literary flurry. To say his music is dreamy, off beat and elegant, with solid rhythmic beats mixed with soulful melodic rifts, gets us some way to unfolding it’s depths, but add in the rich layers of electro and off centre drum beats that seem to sway and swagger us through each track, and you get a sense that Flying Lotus is happy creating his own form and will never adhere to the restraints of a standard 4/4 beat.
He has struggled labelling his own style of music in the past. In a recent interview he branded his particular interpretation as ‘avant-beat music’ and took time to acknowledge his strong jazz roots and the role they play in creating his style. (He is related to late jazz pianist Alice Coltrane, wife of saxophonist John Coltrane).
This time last year Flying Lotus sold out London’s 3000 capacity Roundhouse, so selling out The Troxy (2200 capacity) this year is probably a given. Better move fast and get those tickets!

You can make an extended night of it by going with the Soundcrash After Party at The Scala. You can purchase a Flying Lotus gig + After Party ticket through Soundcrash website.
The album ‘Until the Quiet Comes’ is reviewed here in The Quietus.
Flying Lotus "Putty Boy Strut"
Flying Lotus “See Thru To U feat. Erykah Badu”
Flying Lotus "Small Moments (Until The Quiet Comes previews)"
Stream Flying Lotus “Until the Quiet Comes” here
Author: Sara Colohan


Sara Colohan: Photos from 3D Printshow, London 2012

3D PrintShow London

A 3D printing showcase will be taking place this weekend at The Brewery, EC1, one of the most fascinating things happening in art and design at the moment and this is the first of its kind in Europe!

Live 3D Print Show - this weekend!

London’s first 3D Print Live Show arrives this weekend (Friday 19 Saturday 20 Sunday 21) to The Brewery EC1. It will celebrate, teach, build and moralise about what can only be described as the most exciting new industry to come from the UK in recent times
London’s 3D Print show is Europe’s first platform for us, the public to experience these exciting developmentsin 3D technology and as our fascination in 3D printing reaches new dizzy heights, it’s no wonder that tickets for most of the seminars and workshops for this pioneering weekend are sold out.
3D Prints how will help us to discover and interact with the latest technology including use of some of the worlds most advanced 3d printers. Ticket holders can take part in a wide range of seminars, workshops, live shows and there will be a display of 3D art in the on site art gallery. The collaborator section will feature what could be the weekend’s star attraction – a 3D printed hat created by Stephen Jones, one of the world’s most celebrated milliners. Exclusively for 3D Printshow, Stephen Jones has created his first 3D printed hat with the help of IPF 3DPrinting and Europac 3d.
Formlabs, a new US company founded by MIT graduates, (who succeeded in meeting their funding goalson Kickstarter in an impressive 2 ½ hoursand have caused wavesof interest within the 3D community) will be exhibiting their technology, which claimsto be “the first truly high-resolution, low-cost 3D printer for design professionals” You can even buy one on Kickstarter now!
3D Printing has drawn intrigue from across the board, from trade and public to fashion press and designers. Now it’s our turn to see what all the fuss is about.
3D Printshow will take place from 19th –21st October 2012 at The Brewery,
53 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD. The 19th will be a closed event for trade and press only.
Author: Sara Colohan