Latest fashion shoot from London

This was published in Mail on Sunday Nov 21st. These shots are not the final edit - they are just some tests.
Final edit will be added when we get the printed version in PDF form

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New shoots in London 2010

Two new shoots in London this month - to be featured in Mail on Sunday.

New Images

 One shoot that didnt really work... boo hoo - The lighting was wrong and it all seemed a bit dark.. We pressed on and did a second that was a bit more suited to the publication

see the difference here:

The photographer on these shoots was James Brown.

Working with Melissa Hamilton, Ballerina with Royal Ballet

Had the pleasure of styling Melissa Hamilton for the Mail on Sunday last week. What a gorgeous gal...
Such a joy to work with. She's the only Irish gal in the Royal Ballet - and she has already made it as a soloist - which means she is on her way to stardom very quickly...

Quoted as 'one to watch' by the Royal Ballet... Miss Melissa Hamilton - sneak peak at her shoot

Photos by: Simon Fowler Photography 

New fashion shoots

New work from www.paularcher.com and Sara Colohan Stylist