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Sara Colohan interviews Banbury Cross, Burlesque star.

Banbury Cross is one of the most recognised and significant performers in contemporary burlesque. She exploded onto the London scene in 2009 and has enjoyed global recognition and praise since the 'Bullet Proof Blonde' brand took to the stage. From May 31st, she headlines Cirque du Cabaret's string of shows as part of the London Wonderground festival. London Calling caught up with her to find out what makes this particular bombshell tick! London Calling: How did the character of Banbury Cross come about? BC: Completely by accident, It was at a time in my life where I wasn't sure of my direction. Having graduated with a Theatre degree that was the path that I was trying to force myself down. Burlesque came along and swept me off my feet quite unexpectedly and I have never looked back. The onstage character itself is a mash-up of Marilyn, Mae West and Dixie Evans.  LC: Where's the most amazing place you've performed? BC: Anywhere in the US is pretty spectacular to p…

Sara Colohan writes about Bart&Baker: The Godfathers of Electro Swing —

These French electro swing DJs will be getting you on your dancing feet at The Book Club! Dressed in tuxedos and top hats, Parisian electro swing and vintage mash up DJs Bart&Baker certainly cut a dash. They are not the norm, by anyone’s standards and their homeland of France is certainly rather proud of these chic exports, christening them ‘The Godfathers of Electro Swing’. Bart&Baker only started to DJ professionally back in 2005; prior to that they had very different career paths but the love of music lured Bart from his marketing executive job and Baker from his medical profession. They haven’t looked back since. The London club scene was quick to embrace their quirky Frenchness back in 2005 and they’ve been performing all over London since, including performances at Cirque du Cabaret in The Pigalle Club, White Mink ClubLove Box Festival 2010 and Bestival last year. This year they make a return visit to what they call their second favourite city, London (second only to …