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How2Help, A guide to Worthy Causes in Cape Town (Aardvark)
I noticed many changes since my previous trip to South Africa, three years ago. Although there is still unbelievable poverty within the black communities, more and more local people are starting to address the problem constructively. I was very impressed by an article I read in The Cape Argus about an investment analyst called Tracey Young. Her book, How2Help, A guide to Worthy Causes in Cape Town (Aardvark) is the result of two years work and compiles information on 50 of the best charities who promote sustainability, and are community driven and self managed. She wrote the book after trying unsuccessfully to invest in a reputable charity in Cape Town. Using her financial background to weed out the good from the bad, she analysed the accounts of over 150 charities and admits to being pretty ruthless in her findings.
Tracey created the 'how 2 help' (h2h) initiative to increase awareness both nationally and internationally of the work that is being done by so many worthy projects, and to encourage residents and visitors alike, to get more personally involved. She reminds us that sharing skills and knowledge is far more effective than handing out cash -
“Many projects don’t have accounting skills to manage money - if you want to give money pay the electricity bills or pay for materials” She adds“ Handouts don’t get anyone anywhere”
All the royalties from the h2h books will go directly to the JDI (Just-Do-It) volunteer foundation which will ensure that the funds are appropriately dispersed to h2h worthy causes.
The number of Irish visitors to Cape Town for holiday and investment purposes is growing every year (30,000 at last count!). Buy this book before you go and make a difference!
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How2Help, A Guide to Worthy Causes in Cape Town, Tracey Young (Aardvark publishing)
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