Rubberbandits, Soho Theatre January 2013

David Johnson, John Mackay & Soho Theatre present The Rubber Bandits
"The Daily Mail’s nightmare of a feral underclass★★★★ Guardian
"Just the right side of disturbing". ★★★★ Mail on Sunday

"Subversive genius"  ★★★★ Scotsman

Tue 15 Jan – Sat 2 Feb (no shows Sun/ Mon), 9.30pm   Soho Downstairs
15 – 16 Jan £10, 17 Jan - 2 Feb Tues – Thurs £15 (£12.50), Fri – Sat £17.50 (£15)
It hasn’t exactly been an overnight success for The Rubber Bandits, arguably the most potent and relevant Irish comedy duo since, um… Zig and Zag.

That reference really does them a disservice so maybe we can quote a review of their 2012 sell out Edinburgh show:
 ‘They're a Limerick version of Wales's Goldie Lookin' Chain, a pair of whippet-thin lads offering a pop culture and Irish history mashup, seen through eyes blurred by overconsumption of crack and MDMA.’
Brian Logan The Guardian

They’re lewd, crude 'n rude but truly essential comedy for anyone with a penchant for the unique and risqué. By no means is being Irish (the boys are from Limerick - a city in Ireland known by locals as Stab City, due to the high crime rate) a prerequisite to enjoy or understand the political references, comedic timing and clever parodies, however it does make it all the more deliciously irreverent, especially when you hear a song titled ‘Double dropping yokes (ecstasy) with Eamon De Valera’ .

Listen to their songs Bag of Glue (, Blackman ( ) or Up the RA ( and if you find them offensive, racist or pro IRA then you’re missing the huge dollop of subtext and irony laced in every song. This is current day burlesque, where these talented performers parody their local social discords and leave the audience singing along to their hilarious, ridiculous and often provocative songs.
Expect an audience split of Londoners who love to hear a strong Irish accent in song (or rap) and cool Irish who appreciate this niche satirical viewpoint from these oxymoronic sophisticated ruffians.
This is the very best of Irish humor for 2000's - raw, real and raucous.
 As their Twitter handle states:
" like the tortured breath of Bob Marley that bullies its way through the air and extinguishes the candles on Brendan Behan’s birthday cake" 

'Chalk it down' as unmissable.

SOHO THEATRE 21 Dean Street, W1D 3NE
15 January -  2 February (no performances on Sunday/Monday)
Tues 15th & Wed 16th Jan: All tickets £10. Tue- Thurs  £15 (£12.50), Fri  - Sat £17.50 (£15)
Booking 020 7478 0100             TWITTER:  @rubberbandits