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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Travel Blogger News - FASHION & TRAVEL
TRAVEL BLOGGER ABROAD - Ist post - How exciting! I've finally decided to get all my fashion and travel work from previous trips and create this blog.

My name is Sara Colohan and I have an enviable job - I travel around the world writing travel guides and producing fashion stories for a variety of magazines in Ireland and the UK.
I just love blogging - it's total freedom! I can still edit my travel pieces as required by my editor, then come on here and put up all the photos and stories that were'nt included in the final cut - some of which i much prefer

Over the coming weeks, I will update and upload previous articles and images from fashion trips around the world.

March 11th - Buenos Aires trip - check out the april and May posts

Here is the first article published for Confetti

Article on Buenos Aires, 08

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