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Cover story, The Mail, You Magazine @pollypocketsy TikTok star

The Cork Catchphrase Cook: TikTok sensation @PollyPocketsy   When you hear her accent narrating her colourful cooking videos, it’s easy to tell Paulette O'Mahony hails from Cork. Her online persona, @Pollypocketsy, is a hit on TikTok, with over 1.4 million followers and over 60 million views of her videos. She’s become TikTok famous for teaching her simple, easy recipes that often have just a couple of ingredients. In these chatty videos, the self-taught cook borrows from all kinds of influences, including skills she learned from her parents growing up in Fairhill, Cork, and cookery courses taken while travelling through Thailand, Vietnam, and China. With one cook book already published in America, @Pollypocketsy “ just wants to show everyone that cooking healthy food isn’t that hard”.   Her videos are entertaining; but Paulette is also highly skilled at making quick, delicious food, and her fans are growing by the thousands every month. We chat to her about her childhood in Cork,

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